Oh, well. :D 
I've never posted about the Dokomi, did I ?
So, yes, I was a model there for the Lolita Label Mighty Kingdom owo 
It was sooo hard work, omg. I had to represent the label and sell the stuff and its harder than its sounds, ok :D But I loved it :3
I didnt took many photos, but here is one :D
In my freetime I visited a good friend (maid Hannah <3) from the lucky chocolate maid cafe. x3


Hey! :3 
Here are some random photos
and currently its exam-time in university OMGG 

My new dress.

Heyaaa. :D 
I wanted to show you my new dress. :3 Ive got it from Aliexpress from Angela Pretty. ( I know, it sounds a bit like a cheap version von Angelic Pretty but the quality was really nice.)
I love it! :3
I wore it with shoes from Bodyline, causal white tights from C&A and flowercrowns from Primark

Gt Hannover

Hey guys! 
It's been a while. I've been so busy lately, I am sorry!
And tbh I don't really know what to post.. so yeah.
Here are some photos from the last GT in Hannover :3

Harajuku Fashion Walk

Here are some photos of the last Harajuku Fahsion Walk in Düsseldorf. x3
Im sorry you cant see my outfit really good...

and its quite cool u know :3 
Here some selfies I took before my group came in c: 

I think about making Tutorials for such things on YouTube, would someone be interested? 

Have a nice day. <3